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A link to my website

I’m working on my website that will include a more complete collection of my work.  It will be under construction for a while, but here is the link.  While I love painting fish, it is only one part of my artistic expression. I want to make sure I’m communicating the breadth of my work.  Take a look!

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Cutthroat Trout

Montana Cutthroat Trout, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

Montana Cutthroat Trout, Oil on Canvas, 18″ x 24″


I just finished this painting last month after working on it on and off for over a year.  This was a commissioned work by a geologist, Larry Pancoast,  who lives in Idaho.  He first discovered my art after seeing my paintings at my folks place in Dillon, MT.  He contacted me to paint a landscape a few years ago and came back to commission another work.

This is probably one of the more detailed fish portraits that I’ve done.   It took a while to get the color just right.  I had based it on the original photograph that didn’t show the colors quite as brightly.  I also bumped up the reds to show it more in a full spawn.

I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out!

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Commissioned Painting

Rebekah's Painting

Rebekah’s Painting


60″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas

I finished this painting just before Christmas.  I painted it for a classmate of mine from back in Dillon, MT.  She contacted me via Facebook and asked if I could paint something based on some photographs she had from her wedding.  I’ve done commissions before, but this is by far the largest.

Painting on a larger canvas allows me to paint in a more free, open manner.  I had a lot of fun painting this and I think I’m going to try to paint some more larger paintings in the future.

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Teaching Elementary and Middle School Art

Student work showing warm and cool colors

Student work showing warm and cool colors

I haven’t posted in some time because I’m smack in the middle of my first year of teaching.  The good news is that I have successfully completed my Masters from the University of Minnesota, got my teaching license, and landed jobs at two schools. I am employed full-time as an art teacher!  I teach at an elementary school in a program for students with special needs and at a middle school. At the middle school I teach visual arts as well as graphic arts (computer arts).  Both of these schools are title 1 schools and have a large percentage of students who are living below the poverty line.

There is no way to sugar coat it…teaching in an inner city school is HARD!  There are days when I wonder if I’m doing any good at all.   I’m naturally a cynic, but I had way more optimism and idealism before I actually started teaching.  I came out of grad school with lofty ideas of what kind of great teacher I could be and how I would be able to make such a positive impact on the lives of young people.  My student’s minds would be broadened by the wonder of art!…then I started teaching.  I must still have some idealism left because I’m still teaching, but it has been tempered by the brutal reality of middle school.  Every weakness you have as a person or as a teacher is exploited by these incredibly crafty, hormone ridden creatures. Here are some lovely quotes from my students:

“You ugly Mr. Hansen!”

Student: “Is this your first year teaching middle school?” Me: “Yes.”  Student: “I can tell.”

“I hate this &*$%ing class and you suck Mr. Hansen!”

I think it is funny that they curse at me but still call me Mr. Hansen. All in all, I have to say that I am getting better and I am growing more fond of this age of kids.  The great thing about this job is that I know that I can always improve. I have some good development opportunities and a great Principal.  I’ll get there…but it is going to be a bumpy road for a while.

On a cheery note, here are some pictures of my student’s work:

3rd Grader's Closet Monster

3rd Grader’s Closet Monster

3rd grade Castle

3rd grade Castle

2nd Grade Group Project - Pattern fish (drawn by Mr. Hansen)

2nd Grade Group Project – Pattern fish (drawn by Mr. Hansen)

4th Grade Group Project - Pattern Fish.

4th Grade Group Project – Pattern Fish.

Middle School Graphic Arts - Radial Symetry

Middle School Graphic Arts – Radial Symetry

Middle School Graphic Arts - Taj Mahal Project

Middle School Graphic Arts – Taj Mahal Project



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Art-A-Whirl 2012, Thorp Building

Prairie Landscape

I just completing these two paintings! I really like this brown trout!  If you like it too, you can come see it in person!  Scroll down to find the details.

Big Bruiser Brown

Hey all! I will be displaying my work at Art-A-Whirl in NE Minneapolis! Kate Schiffler has been kind enough to invite me to display my art with her at her woodworking studio in the Thorp Building.  Here is her blurb about the event:

Come on out for Art-A-Whirl! I will have my studio open for people to come in and check out what I’m up to. The Thorp building will have all kinds of fun stuff going on as well. Kid friendly during the day with lots of neat stuff to explore. I will have some beverages and snacks, but Pizza Luce will be selling slices just down the hall if you are super hungry. My pal Ted Hansen will be showing his art in my studio as well.My suite number is 156.

Music, Art, Food, and what else could you ask for!?

Should be a fun time whether you stop by my shop or not:

Friday: 5:00-10:00pm
Saturday: NOON-8:00pm

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Painting While in Grad School

My posts have been few and far between for the last year because I have been in grad school.  I’ll soon be finishing up my Masters of Education in Art Education from the University of Minnesota.  While I have been in school I’ve written perhaps hundreds of pages worth of papers.  For that reason, I’m not going to be writing much today.  Even with my crazy schedule, I have been able to continue to produce artwork. There is a great artistic energy that is created by expanding one’s horizons, meeting new and interesting people, and teaching talented students. This has been a prolific time for me. I plan on writing more about each piece in the future, but here is a sampling:

Fauve Landscape




Brook Trout Fry





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Minnesota Grain

Minnesota Grain

11.5″ x 10″ Acrylic on Gessoed Masonite with colored Pencil

Purchase here:

This was painted for an exhibition exploring community in the Twin Cities. In thinking about community it seems that most people here are quite connected to agriculture. This is, after all, the Mill City. In flying over the state, I was struck by how much it looks like a giant agricultural factory, with precise grids for growing crops. All of these crops make their way to the larger cities to be shipped off to feed the world.

I took the idea of the little farming communities being part of the larger community of food production as the theme. By extension, the grain, soybeans, and corn we grow here connects us to the rest of the world.

In the background you can see the quilt-like squares representing the fields. The grain towers are based on some in Minneapolis. Finally, the network of roads (based on the main roads of Minnesota) represents the connectedness of food distribution.

A lot going on in this little painting… It was painted as a sort of study on the theme, but I think it works pretty well on its own.

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Largemouth Bass Painting

Largemouth Bass, 18" x 24", Oil on canvas

I finished this painting a few months ago for a custom rod builder, Joe Janetka.  We met on a construction job site and got to talking about our side projects.  After admiring each other’s work, I ended up commissioning a beautiful rod for my fiance’ and he commissioned this painting.

The painting features the fish in its natural habitat pursuing the lure that he used to catch the fish.  The background has looser brushstrokes and implies shapes rather than giving specific detail.  Joe was a great client and let me interpret the scene in the way that I saw fit.

The rod that he made for me was beautiful!  Joe is a great guy to work with and offers incredibly crafted rods for every type of fishing, from big saltwater to tiny ice fishing set ups.  Check it out at he link below:

Here are some detail shots of the painting…

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Rainbow Trout Colors

Rainbow Trout Colors

“Rainbow Trout Colors” 9″x 12″, Oil on board

I’ve been increasingly fascinated with painting color studies rather than full scale fish portraits.  This isn’t to say that I am abandoning full fish portraits.  It is just that I want to explore the theme of fish in different ways.  Since the rainbow trout is one of the most sought after sport fish, is seemed fitting that I should try to capture its colors.

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Brook Trout Colors

Brook Trout Colors, 20" x 24", Acrylic

There are times when I paint that everything sort of works.  Yesterday I had one of those painting sessions.  I completed this work in less than three hours, but it is probably one of my favorites of the fish color series. This one features the brilliant colors of a spawning Montana brook trout.

I donated this to a fundraiser for a theatre company that I am involved with, Mad Munchkin Productions.  The company is preparing for our upcoming production of “The Man Who Turned in to a Fish”.  Our company focuses on original works that use puppetry and mask to tell the story.  Eventually, I’ll make a post about my creative work with this company, but for now here is a link to the website:

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